2019 Corvette Zora ZR1

2019 Corvette Zora ZR1

Chevrolet Corvette Zora is a little two-door vehicle which is created by someone who was obsessed with speed and performance so that it can go faster than anything else on the road. Zora is the man behind this incredibly fast Chevrolet Corvette Zora, and he consistently worked on mid-engined prototyped of Corvettes during his career. Despite having a prototype with mid-engine of some form for almost each generation of the Corvette, we found that there has never been a production car wearing the legendary Crossed Flags and also carrying the engine behind the driver. Recently, GM is reportedly working on mid-engine Vette with turbo power. Now, we heard that Corvette Zora ZR1 is rumored to have improved look. After decades of speculation and rumor, we’ve seen some spy shots telling us about the mid-engine Vette. Besides that, we’ve also seen camouflaged versions of a new, current-generation (C7) Corvette with a big wing and even some other aggressive-looking aerodynamics on it. We believe that the car that we saw in camouflage is the C7 ZR1, which will sit atop the C7 food chain. Some sources speculate the new ZR1 will make over 700 horsepower that has been infamous for its great performance on the track. Let’s find out more about the rumors and speculations of 2019 Corvette Zora ZR1.

A Chance of ZR1 to Lead the Market

Well, it has been seven generations of front-engine and rear-wheel-drive Chevrolet Corvettes that amaze us already, now the C8 is switching to a mid-engine configuration. 2019 Chevrolet Zora ZR1 is likely to be unveiled next year in the first quarter at the North Americal International Auto Show in Detroit. We expect that the production of this new generation will begin in time for a fall 2018 release or earlier. We found some arguments against a mid-engine C8 that are the higher cost of the configuration and also its departure from the Great American Sports Car’s image. The arguments are getting stronger against it. First, Corvette buyers are now getting old, and they would find little reason to trade in for an evolutionary, front-engine C8 Corvette. Chevrolet is doing something that Porsche refuses to do with the direct competitor of Corvette that is the 911 if finally, it is switching to mid-engine. Chevy potentially has a Corvette that can out-handle its direct competitor the 911 by going mid-engine with the C8. From the spy shots, Chevrolet is suggested not to make the same mistake as the other mid-engined sports car, with a hood nearly as long as the C7. 

High Expectations for the 2019 ZR1

If you are curiously want to see how the 2019 Corvette Zora ZR1 will look like, then believe us that you are not alone. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing every update of this new sports car until we finally meet the official ones. Well, based on what we get so far, the new vehicle of Chevrolet Corvette is rumored to use the Zora name to separate the model from the current Corvette family and when it debuts. Soon after we see it debuted, we believe that it will be unveiled as an eighth-generation (C8) car. Chevrolet Corvette engineers are expected to modify and improve the current C7’s aluminum chassis for mid-ship duty. After that, they are suggested to fit the car with an updated version of the supercharged V-8 that is found in the new Corvette Zo6. 

The new Corvette Zora ZR1 is expected to carry a price of more than $150,000, a top speed well above 200mph and horsepower ratings more than the 700 ponies. The new Corvette Zora ZR1 is truly expected to be an evolution of the C7 design, but it should be with a dramatic twist. There’s no need for GM to push things with a radical design although a mid-engine car is startling enough to cause most of Vette owners to stroke out. From the spy shots, we got a lot about the new car. One of them is the nose features that the same general pointed shape and tapered edges that are familiar to current model’s owners. These features are more aggressive cooling ducts, a wider track and also a large front splitter that add tangible performance benefits. We found that the nose sits slightly lower allowing for getting greater forward visibility when driving it, but the drop in height is minimal to maintain greater suspension travel, sadly. 

Nice Design of ZR1

The profile of the ZR1 shows a rear cut in the nose that is reminiscent of both the LaFerrari and Porsche 918. This fact should cause lower pressure in the nose and also force air through the ducting more efficiently. Directly in front of the door, we found the signature sculpting that is also found on current cars, complete with a Stingray logo that is elegantly integrated into the whole design. We didn’t see this in the spy shot because it isn’t visible on the camouflaged prototype, but Zora will have such a feature for sure. For the rear of the new Zora ZR1, it is both the most similar and most strikingly different angle of the new Zora. The same silhouette is used, and along with similar lighting elements, but a wider track, aggressively ducted fenders and rear bumpers, massive rear diffuser and also small dual spoilers over each rear fender, they immediately separate this visually from any standard Chevrolet Corvette. 

Rear wing

On the video, we saw the test car doesn’t feature a rear wing, but it isn’t impossible for the production model to get one. It is also possible for the new car to use a retractable element that sits flush with the deck lid when it is not in use. Likely, Chevrolet will offer two versions of the Chevrolet Zora ZR1 that consists of a more road-friendly variant with milder aerodynamics and a track-prepper model with hardcore wings, bumpers. Anyway, let’s wait what to see on the next car configuration. However it is, we believe that the body will be made of lightweight materials. We know for sure that GM will combine carbon-fiber with SMC (sheet molding compound). The other sources claim that the ZR1 will be available with various roof options consisting of the traditional fixed coupe model, a coupe with a full glass roof and a Targa version with one or two removable panels.